Learn the tips of the trade from Marcie Wilkie, Certified Wedding Planner with Noble Events, LLC.

Always, Always, Always be honest with your planner or other vendors about your budget. It is extremely common for brides and families to tell white lies about their overall wedding budgets. Vendors are accustomed to this. We need to know what you are working with in order to offer you the best ideas for your price range. Think about it, if you tell your florist that you only have $2500 available but in actuality have $3500 then the florist may not suggest a piece that would help elevate your entire design. Be honest and your vendors will work with you.

Floral Selection
Do your homework. I suggest to all of my clients that you really research your favorite wedding trends, flowers, etc., before choosing your date. If you must have a bouquet of peonies, find out which month you can purchase them for the least amount of money. Also, if hydrangeas are a necessity, it is good to know that they will wilt in our summer heat if left out too long. Again, research is key.

Think Before Involving Animals
We have recently had a rash of brides who want their pets included in their wedding day. As absolutely adorable as they are, they can cause quite a disturbance in the flow of the scheduled events. If you decide to include Fido, make sure to have someone familiar with the animal who is willing to leave during your ceremony to take the pet home. That someone should also be willing to carry a plethora of treats and be ready to clean any accidents your fur baby might leave behind.

Marcie Wilkie
Certified Wedding Planner
Noble Events, LLC