Alina & Eddie decided with their photographer to do their engagement session in downtown Siesta Key. They wanted to get away from usual photo shoot locations. Eddie rented an orange scooter, which was an awesome idea, not only because it looked good in photos, but also because Eddie and Alina got to ride it and relax a bit between photos. Alina wore a gorgeous lace dress and a real flower crown that was put together last minute.

“They’re so cute together!” said Irina from Irinart Photography. “They’re fun and real and it was so easy to work with them because they trusted me.”

Alina and Eddie met in church they both attended.

“At the time Eddie was going to propose - which I didn't know - he said he was gonna "paint me with the cityscape" and knowing that he is not an artist, I was excited to see what shape I'd end up in!” said Alina with a giggle. “When he took me on the date to "paint me," I sat on a rock in front of him and he started brushing something on a square piece of canvas. About 10 min later Eddie finally stood up, turned the canvas around, and it said "Will you marry me?" There was a cute ring drawn on the canvas with that day’s date. I was so surprised that I didn't say yes until about five minutes later because I kept asking him "Are you serious?!" A few moments later Eddie put a beautiful minimal solitaire ring with an extra skinny rose gold band on my finger! I love the ring because it’s very delicate and minimal.” Alina beamed.

The wedding is going to be a romantic and whimsical fall wedding in Bradenton, Fl with lots of neutrals and hints of burgundy.


Alina says that Eddie is selfless, sincere and hard-working.

Eddie says that Alina is disciplined, friendly, and loyal.