Ask the Editor Fall 2016

Jillian Jensen Holt

I love the look of farm tables, but I want to make sure it won’t look too rustic. How do I ensure a chic look while still using the wood that I love? - Samantha

Great question! I love farm tables, too! I love that they bring the outdoors in, and I do understand your dilemma. It’s important to include details that are both sophisticated and neutral. In this stunning display provided by SoHo Event Rentals of Fairhope, the farm table and chiavari chairs were adorned with a beautiful ivory rosette table runner and ivory cushions. For contrast, black chargers were set with silver flatware and clear glassware. To bring a pop of color – and something unexpected – fuchsia napkins and chair sashes were added. Note that the tabletop florals are bright and fruity (literally – see those kiwis?) and nestled in stone planters.

My future husband is really nervous about our upcoming engagement photos. We’re not the type to be openly lovey dovey, and he thinks he’s going to look awkward in all the pictures. What do I do to keep that from happening? – Amelia

Give him something to DO in the pictures! Props, clothes with pockets and layers, and things you can ride on or in are ALWAYS helpful. Alina and Eddie rented a scooter for their engagement session. They look natural and fun because they had something to occupy their hands and help them pose comfortably. (Plus, how could riding a scooter not be fun?!) Once you have relaxed as a couple, posing is easy!

If a scooter isn’t in the cards, ask your photographer for advice for posing and relaxing in front of the camera. Take their advice. Remember, nerves are normal. Work through them and be yourselves. This is great practice for your wedding day!

My Dad has to have major back surgery. He’s been scheduled for surgery just a few weeks before my wedding and there’s a chance he won’t be able to walk me down the aisle. I am NOT okay with this. I want to postpone the wedding but everyone says I am over-reacting. I won’t get married without my Dad. Help! – Meredith

I don’t think you’re over-reacting. If it’s that bothersome to you, make some calls. Contact your vendors and explain the situation, then ask if your deposits are transferrable. If so, try to find a date that will work with your venue and photographer, first. Then coordinate that date with your other vendors. Understand that many vendors may be unable to change to another date, and that you may forfeit your deposit. If so, ask them for recommendations of other comparable vendors. Once you’ve shifted the date, personally contact close family members first to notify them. Then you can choose to re-send invitations with the date change, or call each party that is invited to notify them. You can enlist the help of your parents and bridal party to make the calls. I wish you the best and hope your Dad heals quickly.

Image by Irinart Photography