My best friend is a guy. I want to ask him to be in my bridal party, but what do I call him? What should he wear? – Naiya

You can call him anything you like! Bridesman, Man of Honor, whatever suits your best friend! Really, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Often couples will have friends or family members of both genders that are suited one side or the other, like this groom, Noble, who placed his sister on his side. She wore a navy blue dress and carried a bouquet just like bride Danielle’s bridesmaids, but stood with the groomsmen.

There’s no right or wrong answer. Some couples choose to have that person match the side on which they stand. For example, Noble could have had his sister wear grey and white like his groomsmen. Others mix it up entirely.

I found the perfect bridal gown in a thrift store. It fits me really well and is everything I had envisioned – and it’s WAY below my budet. Should I feel badly about wearing a thrifted gown? – Christina

Absolutely NOT! There’s nothing wrong with finding your perfect gown in an antique store or thrift shop. Especially if it fits you perfectly and is way under budget! If need be, you can have the gown professionally cleaned before the wedding to make sure there are no stains or blemishes that will appear while it’s being stored in the weeks and months before your big day.

If you’re the superstitious type, gather your closest friends and have a sage smudging ritual to cleanse the dress of any bad aura or omens. You know, just in case.

We’ve decided to have a sunrise wedding with close family, followed by a brunch reception with our family and friends. I’m not sure what kind of ext we should make, since it will be daytime when we leave. I wanted to use sparklers, but that won’t work... - Lisa

Bubbles! Birdseed! Colorful (eco-friendly) Confetti! There are so many cute options that will be fun and, as an added bonus, look great in your wedding photos. Pick something that fits with your theme and is fun and easy for your guests to do. Remember, you may need to have your exit approved with your venue, first. You don’t want to have to pay a fine for leaving a mess behind!

Anna & Jonathan made their daytime exit through hundreds of bubbles, cocktails in hand, stopping for that perfect kiss photo op! Adorable!

Images by:
Lezli Merritt Hammon Photography
Southern Grace Photography
Evin Photography