For this issue of Gulf Coast Bride, we surveyed 50 newly wedded brides who graciously shared their responses to varying questions, ranging from details about the wedding day to married life. We loved reading all of the deeply honest answers and learning from our brides’ experiences. We hope you find their answers as helpful as we do!

“Did you spend the night before your wedding away from your soon to be spouse?”

64% said Yes! And 22% of those said they spent the night before their wedding with their Bridesmaids.

“What is one thing you’d change about your wedding day?”

28% said they would have hired a Day of Coordinator

21% said they would have hired a Videographer

17% said they would have done their Hair & Makeup differently

“I waited until the very last minute to start working on my hair and makeup because there were so many things left to do. Everyone said I looked beautiful, but I wish I had taken more time to myself.”

“Was there anything you considered to be a waste of money?”

26% said Wedding Favors

Some other responses were invitations, shoes, spray tan, and cake.

“The cake was delicious, but we ordered way too much and ended up throwing away most of it.”

“I spent close to $200 on my wedding shoes, which I wore for an hour, and ended up changing into flip flops… I should have just gotten gorgeous flats.”

“Was there anything you considered to be worth the money?”

45% said Photographer or Videographer

28% said Food

25% said Band or DJ

“What were your wedding colors?”

32% said Blush

24% said Coral or Turquoise

20% said Black & Ivory

12% said Fall Colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown

Some other responses were peacock colors, navy & white, pomegranate & slate, and powder blue & sage.

“What traditions did you skip?”

32% said Bouquet and Garter Toss

26% said they had a First Look

20% said Father/Daughter & Mother/Son dances

16% said they skipped on Traditional Wedding Music

“We’re musicians and huge audiophiles, so it didn’t make sense to walk down the aisle to the traditional “Here comes the bride.” Instead, I had our ceremony musician play “Over the Hills and Far Away” by Led Zeppelin on mandolin. It was a surprise to my groom-to-be, too. One of his groomsmen whispered to him, “Is that Led Zeppelin?!”

"Best Wedding Advice!"

"It's ok if something doesn't get done. At the end of the day you are marrying your best friend and the love of your life." – Heather

"Take it all in because it goes by so fast. Grab your groom, go outside, look in at your reception and take it all in. It is one of the only times you will have all the people you love in one room together." – Kristi

"Best Marriage Advice!"

“Communicate.” - Veronica

"Make sure to continue to learn from one another and be on each other’s team. It is important to remember to transition from a single mindset to a joint mindset because decisions need to be made with each other in mind. Once you’re married, your decisions affect you both." - Kasey

"Up or Down?"

39% of Brides surveyed wore their hair up

35% wore their hair down

“Did you wear spanx or some other kind of specialty undergarment?”

60% said No

40% said Yes

“I wish I would have worn spanx! The boning in my dress rubbed my ribs raw!”

"Strap or Strapless, that is the question"

42% of Brides surveyed wore strapless gowns.

39% wore a sweetheart neckline

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