Learn the tricks of the trade from Rachel Forman, Event Coordinator at Bud & Alley’s in Seaside, Florida.

Weather the Storm

It is a great idea to have a tent on reserve if you are planning an outside wedding. If the weather is going to be something that stresses you out then take the stress out of the equation by deciding on a tent! They can be draped by wonderful companies like Wedding Walls and be made absolutely gorgeous!

Know How to Save

There are so many easy ways to save when planning your wedding! Using greenery over flowers is equally as beautiful and more cost effective. Many couples choose to offer a signature cocktail for the first hour of the reception, then switch to beer and wine in lieu of an open bar. Ask your wedding planner or venue coordinator where previous clients have saved big bucks.


As the Bride & Groom you will be busy bees wanting to mingle and chat with all of your guests, but it is so important that you take a few minutes to sit down and eat! I always go out of my way to fix plates for the Bride & Groom and have them sit down and refuel for the rest of their amazing evening!

It’s Your Wedding

It’s wonderful to have your guests in mind when making menu selections and choosing other such details, but it’s important to remember that it is your wedding and your time to share the food and drinks that you love with your guests. Choose some items that make the two of you happy, then you can choose some others that are mindful of a wide range of guests!

Rachel Forman - Event Coordinator - Bud & Alley’s

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