Learn the tricks of the trade from The Pillars of Mobile’s very own Heather Pfefferkorn

Location, location, location!

A great Southern Event Space, where great Southern Events happen! The Pillars of Mobile is an iconic Mobile, Alabama event venue defined by historical charm and classic southern elegance. The Pillars of Mobile offers full service event production - inspired by you and created by us.

Want to know a little secret? Weddings aren’t just about getting married – they’re about showing off your style. That’s why choosing your reception site is one of the most important and exciting wedding decisions you’ll make. We hope you find these tips helpful:

Before You Begin

Before begining your wedding venue search, there are some important details that you should have mapped out. You should know your wedding day style, your approximate guest count, and your wedding date. As you contact each venue, your choices will be narrowed down for you, as some will be booked on your wedding date, and others will be too big or too small to accommodate your guests.

Finding Reception Sites

The less conventional, the more complicated. If you choose a creative location, such as a lighthouse or art gallery, there will be more details to work out than if you choose a venue that is specifically set up for special events and known for wedding celebrations. Venues like this, and like The Pillars of Mobile, have a planning team already in place to make your event go off without a hitch.

Weather the storm.

If you should choose a site where either your wedding or your reception (or both!) are held outdoors, it is important to have an alternative location in mind in case of rain or a heat wave.

Know how to save.

There are several great ways to save money when it comes to planning your wedding. You could choose to get married in a less popular month. You could also consider a night besides Saturday – opt for a Friday or Sunday afternoon, or even a weekday!

Heather Pfefferkorn - Proprietress, Lead Planner & Designer - The Pillars of Mobile

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