Learn the tricks of the trade from Katie Leavins, Senior Planner at Noble Events, LLC.

To Flavor or Not to Flavor

At your cake tasting, you'll taste many flavors you can choose from to put in the filling of your wedding cake. But, what you may fall in love with, others may not like, leaving you with a massive amount of leftover cake. I often recommend that my couples go with plain flavors. This gives you the most assurance that the cake you paid for will be eaten and not left behind because your guests didn’t like the lemon filling you fell in love with. It’s ok to be plain! It’s also okay to request that the lemon filling be put into a single tier of the cake dedicated solely to the bride & groom. That’s the best of both worlds!

Personalize Your Reception

There’s always a popular generic theme each year when the new wedding season rolls around. The same colors, the same style bridesmaid dresses, and so forth. When I ask a bride what color scheme she’s wanting, I get ecstatic when I hear off the wall colors and particularly personal details because those details are what represent who the bride truly is! A reception is a party designed to represent the bride and groom and their taste. I always suggest that couples go with lots of little tidbits that add personal touches throughout the reception. Those are what make it your party.

Guest Books

Question: How many guest books do you see on display at married couples’ houses? My guess is zero. I know that vintage styled wedding guest book you found at Hobby Lobby is beautiful. But, it will get packed away with all your wedding stuff after the big day. Instead, grab a book, side table, or wooden plaque that guests can sign and that you can display anywhere in your home. A coffee table book about where you met, where you’re honeymooning, or your favorite places would be an awesome guest book. Think outside the box to make your guest book something that won’t get packed away!

Katie Leavins, Senior Planner at Noble Events, LLC

Born and raised in Fairhope and lives with her husband of 10 years and their two children, Eli and Maddi. Loves being outdoors. Owner of 3 dogs, Mako, Bailey, and AnnaBelle. Also loves to hunt and fish and be with family. She has been wedding planning for the last 6 years in Mobile and Baldwin County.

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