Hi! I am Lydia, owner and lead planner of Noble Events, LLC, an event planning business based in Mobile, Alabama, serving the Gulf Coast and everywhere else. I started this business 10 years ago after training under a wedding planner while living in New York. I hold a Bachelors degree in Theatre and have always had a true passion for production and hospitality. I feel that everyone should experience a day of truly being catered to - why not your wedding day?! I live in Mobile with my adorable husband Jeff and our beautiful daughter Norma Kate. It is always my hope to make each client feel as though they, too, are family.

Eat Privately

I always insist that my bride and groom take a few moments after their ceremony and before they enter the reception to spend a little time together. Yes, it is true that they will be hand in hand or dancing together all night, but the reality is that the new Mr. and Mrs. will be so busy chatting, dancing, and entertaining their guests that they might not be able to soak in the moment. When scheduling the itinerary, set aside 15 minutes where you, as the bride and groom can be alone to taste the food, snuggle, and enjoy the marriage that has just happened. Life has just changed and you both need to enjoy that.

First Look

I tell my clients constantly, "I get it. I know you want the a-ha moment when the doors open and you can see the grooms face." Here is the deal - Your Groom is much more likely to give you a genuine response in a private moment as opposed to in front of his closest friends, family and strangers. With a first look, we ensure that it is only the bride, the groom, and their photographer. Many great things come from the first look; more time to party at the reception, a dramatic decrease in stress levels all around, and an opportunity to pray together before the ceremony. I promise you will still get the look of adoration from the groom as you process down the aisle.

Take Care of Mom and Dad

If your budget allows, always rent a vehicle for your Moms and Dads at the end of the night. After the coordinator puts the newlyweds in their departure vehicle, the Moms and Dads are left with saying their goodbyes to all of the remaining guests. The coordinator will load the car with cake toppers, sign in books, gifts, etc and send the parents home to unload after a very long day. But if you have a driver for your parents, he will unload all items that the coordinator loaded, leaving your tired parents with the freedom to change into their pajamas and go to bed. We tend to forget that our parents have an equally emotionally exhausting day and since they have done so much for us, we need to try to return the favor.

Lydia Noble - Owner and Lead Planner - Noble Events, LLC.

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