Wedding Countdown Calendar Summer 2017

Get everything done for the big day with plenty of time to spare.

12 months
-Announce your engagement
-Choose a wedding theme and style
-Work out a basic wedding budget; research reception venues
-Determine number of guests
-Look through bridal magazines for attire ideas
-Meet potential wedding consultants; obtain bids
-Research wedding pros (photographers, photo booths, videographers, reception bands or DJs, ceremony musicians).
-Set up appointments, and review portfolios, tapes and recordings.

11 months
-Select a wedding consultant and meet to discuss wedding planning details
-Determine theme/decorations for your reception
-Meet with several caterers; arrange for tastings
-Select and book a caterer
-Reserve musicians/DJ for reception
-Determine wedding ceremony musicians and make musical selections
-Book wedding videographer and photographer; make a list of photos, such as bridal ceremony and reception shots
-Research and interview florists
-Select and reserve your ceremony venue and schedule a rehearsal time
-Choose reception venue; negotiate contract; leave a deposit
-Secure parking and/or transportation for your guests at the reception location
-Visit local bridal stores to browse their selection of gowns
-Choose your wedding-party members and ask them to participate in your celebration
-Meet with your officiant to discuss the wedding ceremony
-Determine your honeymoon budget
-Mail save-the-date notices for a destination wedding

10 months
-Select and order your wedding gown
-If your ceremony or reception will be held in a park or recreational area, obtain necessary permits
-Discuss attendants’ duties with your maid of honor and bridesmaids

-9 months
-Register for wedding gifts
-Coordinate with vendors to incorporate your theme/style into all aspects of your wedding
-Decide on the food and liquor to be served at your reception
-Prepare a playlist of wedding-reception musical selections
-Select and order your headpiece, veil, gloves and shoes
-Confirm orders of and delivery dates for your wedding attire
-Research airline, hotel and rental-car reservations for guests

8 months
-Go to first gown fitting; invite your maid of honor to attend
-Choose and order bridesmaid dresses and accessories
-Research a variety of wedding ring styles
-Select florist; discuss wedding ideas, theme and style

7 months
-Review and finalize your wedding details with consultant
-Notify bridesmaids about dress fittings
-Discuss attire with groomsmen and make referrals to local formalwear store
-Select attire for flower girl and/or ring bearer
-Determine the design, wording, font and paper stock for your wedding invitations, stationery, table cards and thankyou notes; finalize order
-Arrange a printer or hire a calligrapher for table cards
-Determine order of ceremony events and choose appropriate wording for your programs
-Negotiate rates and book a block of hotel rooms for guests
-Select and order your wedding rings
-Purchase bridal accessories: jewelry, lingerie and so on
-Choose and order something fun for guests to throw after your ceremony (rose petals, confetti or birdseed)

6 months
-Review and approve proofs of wedding invitations and stationery
-Discuss the type of honeymoon you want, start reading up on potential destinations and consult a travel agent for ideas and suggestions.

5 months
-Order table cards; place print order for programs
-Finalize choice of honeymoon destination
-Taste a variety of wedding cakes and select a baker; place cake order and arrange for delivery
-Secure reservations for rehearsal dinner and select menu

4 months
-Determine method of addressing wedding invitations and hire a calligrapher, if applicable
-Print labels, and hand-address—or have a calligrapher address wedding invitations
-Write or choose your wedding vows
-Have groom visit formalwear shops and try on tuxedos
-Purchase or rent groom’s wedding accessories, including tuxedo, cuff links, shoes, socks and so on
-Make honeymoon reservations and place all deposits

3 months
-Review and approve wedding announcement and printed program proofs
-Book venue or secure reservations for post-wedding brunch
-Discuss bachelorette party plans with your attendants
-Plan your bridesmaids’ luncheon or dinner
-Make appointment with stylist and/or hairdresser to discuss your wedding hairstyle
-Take another look at your registry and update or add items
-Create hotel information cards and maps to include with your wedding invitations

2 months
-Secure a wedding-day dressing room for your bridesmaids
-Weigh, purchase postage for and mail wedding invitations
-Go to final gown fitting; arrange for pickup or delivery
-Have groom’s formalwear fitted
-If you plan to have a prenuptial agreement, meet with your attorney to discuss it
-Purchase gifts for all wedding-party members
-Arrange transportation for bride and groom from the ceremony site to the reception
-Purchase ceremony accessories (Unity candle, wineglasses and so on)

6 weeks
-Purchase a new camera, if needed
-Send rehearsal dinner invitations
-Write thank-you notes as you receive gifts
-Confirm music selections (“playlist”) with musicians/DJ
-Select menu for post-wedding brunch
-Write newspaper announcement and gather photos
-Purchase a gift for your spouse-to-be
-Shop for wedding favors (try a photo booth as a wedding favor)
-Purchase honeymoon clothing, luggage and accessories
-Go in for a practice hairstyling and make day-of-wedding hair appointment

4 weeks
-Confirm floral order and arrange for delivery times
-Meet with ushers and assign duties for the ceremony and reception
-Discuss the details of your wedding ceremony with your officiant
-Determine the placement or distribution of programs at the ceremony venue
-Arrange for preparation, storage and break areas for musicians/DJ at the reception venue
-Determine seating arrangements for guests
-If you color your hair, make appointment for a touch-up the week before your wedding
-Go in for a dry run with a professional makeup artist and make a day-of-wedding appointment
-Schedule an appointment for a manicure and/or pedicure the day before your wedding
-Finalize details with wedding photographer and videographer, determining arrival times at each nuptial venue
-Arrange for preparation/storage area for photographer and videographer at each nuptial venue
-Sign your prenuptial agreement, if applicable
-Finalize honeymoon plans/itinerary and confirm all travel and hotel reservations
-Arrange for transportation to and from the airport
-Make all necessary arrangements for care of pet(s), plants and mail while you’re away on honeymoon
-Post announcement and photo on your wedding website
-Arrange for table card setup at reception venue
-Schedule pickup/return of groom’s formalwear

3 weeks
-Finalize list of reception guests
-Give the final headcount to the caterer and review details
-Arrange for delivery and placement of wedding flowers, candles and other decorations on the day of the ceremony
-Call anyone who has not responded to his or her wedding invitation

1 week
-Confirm your honeymoon travel arrangements
-Start packing bags for your honeymoon
-Get traveler’s checks and/or a small amount of foreign cash
-Pick up your wedding dress

Wedding Day
-Eat a good breakfast
-Attend hairstyle appointment
-Give yourself plenty of time to get ready
-Relax and enjoy yourself!

Post-wedding: 3 days
-Arrange for transport of gifts
-Have family or friends mail wedding announcements

After the honeymoon
-Take wedding gown and veil to a dry cleaner who specializes in gown preservation
-Submit name-change forms for driver’s license, passport,
-Social Security card, state and federal tax boards, banks, credit cards and so on