Oh, the Places We Will Go…

Finding a place that represents your relationship can always be a struggle. You’ve found the perfect photographer, the perfect outfit, but where should you have your couple’s session? Hopefully this inspiration will give you an idea of a few gorgeous locations on the Gulf Coast.

Explore a State Park
Ashley and Erick
Tahiry Humrich Photography, www.tahiryhumrichphotography.com
Venue: Eden Gardens State Park, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

How We Met, to the Proposal:

Ashley and Erick's story is an example of how some great loves are worth the wait. Ashley, at 29, was finishing up medical school and a long journey to her career. With hours devoted to preparing to be an OBGYN, she had little time for dating and had not met her match yet. Erick, a helicopter pilot in the Army, was divorced and didn't anticipate meeting someone that would make him want to get married again. Ashley and Erick joined eHarmony with little expectations.

In July 2016, after talking for a week, Erick drove 2 1/2 hours on their first date to meet Ashley for a lunch date. Immediately, Ashley and Erick both felt something was about to change their lives. Erick told Ashley how his Poppy proposed to his Nana on their very first date. They hogged the table at the Irish pub for a couple hours, glued to the conversation. Not ready to end the date, they went to Pensacola Beach and enjoyed the ocean waves while they shared their hopes and dreams, which just happened to fit together quite well. They shared a love of the water, love of family, and devotion to God. When the evening arrived, they still had so much more to talk about and went to a sushi place in Hilton at Pensacola Beach. After 7 1/2 hours, Erick drove home. Ashley and Erick fell in love.

In September 2016, Erick got down on one knee and proposed to Ashley in a beautifully lit park in St. Petersburg, Florida. In April 2017, they will be getting married at the Hilton in Pensacola Beach, where they had part of their first date. Because it took longer than either of them expected, they never forget how lucky they are to have their soul mate and they can't wait to cherish each other while they take on this great adventure ahead of them.

"I have found the one whom my soul loves" Song of Solomon 3:4

Hit the Beach
Brandi and Rob
Tabitha Corinne Photography, www.tabithacorinnephotography.com
Venue: Jetties in Destin, FL

How He Asked as told by Brandi:

On Brandi and Rob’s first “anniversary”, they went to New York for a West Point event and somehow they stumbled upon the fine jewelry section of a store while wasting time shopping. After dreaming about a particular ring all night, they went back to the store and bought it. The ring sat in Rob’s nightstand for…let’s just say a while.

On our first "anniversary", I went up to New York for a West Point event and somehow stumbled upon the fine jewelry section of a store when we were wasting some time shopping. After dreaming about this one ring all night, we went back and bought it. It sat in his nightstand for...let's just say a while. Our friend invited us to a beach bonfire and I mentioned how much I have always wanted one, ever since I saw it on Laguna Beach. He kept asking weird questions while we were getting ready, "Do you like this shirt? Like it's your favorite shirt on me?" so I had a pretty good idea what might be happening. He asked if I wanted to take a walk on the beach, which didn't last long when a huge crab almost took my toes off. We walked back up to the fire and he got on one knee. He had to ask me three times if I would marry him, but of course I said yes. I get to cross off beach bonfire on my bucket list and I also get to cross off marrying my best friend and love of my life!

Let’s Go Downtown
Lauren and Luke
Freshly Bold Photography, www.freshlybold.com
Venue: Downtown Mobile, AL

The Proposal as written by Lauren:

Early in 2016, I decided I was going to treat myself to Disneyland for my birthday since Disney is one of my favorite places on Earth, and anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with Disney. I told Luke of my plans and to my surprise he was able to come and even got some of our closest friends to come. I was so excited for my birthday weekend not knowing more than that would be going on. The first day going to Disney we woke up early to go to the park and were ditched by our friends as Luke and I went through security. Later, I found out they were taking the ring through security and didn't want me to know. After a couple of rides, we ended up in Adventure Land (what better place to start the biggest adventure of our lives!) where Luke proposed to me in front of Tarzan's treehouse and had a photographer there waiting to capture the big moment! Afterwards we celebrated with more pictures; hugs, crying, and laughing with our friends; and my favorite Disney treat, Dole Whip! Luke made it such a special moment and I am glad our friends were there to celebrate with us!

Stay at Home
Amanda and Spencer
April Loyle of www.aprilandtrish.com
Venue: Their home in East Hill

About the couple as told by Amanda:

I've only had the pleasure of loving him a little over 2 years. 779 days of bliss so far, yes I am counting, but it only took one day with him and I knew he was the one. The kind of man you hope exist outside of the movies.

Our first date was at a local dive bar the Elbow Room, we both agreed this was the most awkward first date we ever had. It wasn't until the following day our romance blossomed into what now is a beautiful and steadfast connection. This love is so much more than anything I could have dreamed of.